Data bank
The DATA BANK realized by MEDiterranean MEDIA stores about 2000 women’s addresses, located mainly in Europe and the Mediterranean area, with some sites of excellence in Africa, the USA, Asia and Australia. The activities of the women centres in the data bank range from research, training, political activism to services in the social field. Furthermore there are numerous addresses of individual women, researchers and women engaged in the political and civil field. The relation network built in the course of these years by MEDiterranean MEDIA has favoured the creation, in some points, of more significant knots in the network. This higher presence is the result of the relations built in these years and of the exchange with our association. Some examples:
  • 250 are the women centres for professional training at European level in the IRIS network;
  • 150 are the names of European researchers belonging to the GRACE network;
  • 900 are the women centres in Italy;
  • numerous are the reference points in Malta, Israel, Palestine and other countries in the Mediterranean area.