Mediterranean Review, a sea of women, is a six-monthly, bilingual review, written in Italian and English.
The review refers to and follows the itinerary marked, since 1989, by the quarterly “Mediterranean. L’Osservatorio delle donne”.
It consists of a nomadic feminism on the course of other feminist movements, following the need to conjugate I and we. Because the course of freedom that some of us choose, cannot be a solitary one, of women privileged for geographical, social or whatever belonging, on the contrary it wants to be a course of women who, though different, choose to relate to each other on the basis of a goal, of a common project.
Starting from the self on a quest to get to the others, means to go from a local dimension of being rooted to a global one, in which the movement is a necessary condition to create relation and theory practice, knowledge of the world and the self, in which the exchange between different women is political, but it is also the basis for the theoretical.
To put the differences into relation is to go through networks of women, but the comparison between women living in distant places needs to be supported by communication instruments.
It is possible to find the review in the women bookshops and at Feltrinelli’s. You can also receive it by postal subscription paying a fee of  € 30,00 or € 60,00 for corporations and institutions, which includes the access to the data bank on the principal international women centres. Postal current account no 16282873 in the name of:
MEDiterranean Media Association Viale dei Giardini, 4 - 87030 RENDE (CS) Italy Editorial office: tel. & fax (39) 0984 462054